The "Travelling With a Purpose" Challenge

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People travel for many different reasons: for relaxation, historical interest, need to unwind, etc. One cruiseline even has the byline "come back new." These and many others are common and valid travel motivations.

But I want to introduce an idea we've found makes travel even more fulfilling. We call it "travelling with a purpose." It's very simple, doesn't take much energy and is very rewarding.

It's found in the distinction between consumer and builder.

What do I mean by that? A consumer is merely someone who wants to be served, fed and entertained. Nothing really wrong with that. After all, you are paying for it. But, is there something more to be had?

A builder, by contrast, seeks to leave something of value, not just take.

It really brings new meaning to the word adventure. It embraces the realization that the lands we are visiting, the people who are serving us, and the local cultures we encounter have a story, a history. (This is why history tours and excursions are so popular. We intuitively know wherever we visit there's a story larger than we currently understand.) They matter. They have families, struggles and joys, as we do.

Try engaging them. It's fun.

What can this look like practically? It has a thousand different faces. From asking a staff member about their family and saying a silent blessing or prayer for them, to picking up a piece of litter on port mainstreet, travelling with a purpose is only limited by our creativity.

It operates, really, under a universal law of fulfillment, one we all know: karma, sowing and reaping, choose whatever term you like. I like the phrase "the raindrop effect."

One tiny little raindrop has a disproportionately large effect when hitting a calm body of water. And, many raindrops have an exponential effect. All our actions, reactions and encounters touch people and our surroundings in some way, positively or negatively.

So why not make them positive ones? If you've never really been intentional about this type of engaged travel before, give it a try. Take the travelling with a purpose challenge!

It just may change the way you travel from now on...

Editor's Note: If this has intrigued you in any way and you'd like to discover more about how to have a significant positive impact upon the lands and peoples you visit, send us an e-mail. We can point you to some very helpful free resources (and you won't get spam from us or your address sold on you--we promise).

So now go and enjoy your cruise!


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Take the "Travelling With a Purpose" Challenge

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