Seward Alaska

seward alaska

Seward Alaska is a Gulf of Alaska coastal town of approximately 2500 situated on Resurrection Bay, adjacent to Kenai Fjords National Park. Many people feel it's the ideal base from which to explore this majestic national park.

The bay's name originates from its Russian roots when, on Easter Sunday in 1792, explorer Alexander Baranof first spotted and then named it Resurrection Bay.

The Town of Seward itself was named after William Henry Seward, who was President Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of State. Seward was instrumental in the purchase of Alaska from the Russians in 1867.

The history of the famous Iditarod Trail and the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race belongs largely to Seward Alaska. The route to Anchorage was first frequented by gold-diggers and soon after dog sleds were transporting mail, goods and supplies through the trail. The trail is now the route of the current Alaska Railroad.

Of course as the twentieth century progressed the use of dog-sleds drastically declined. Then in the late 1960s Dorothy G. Page conceived the idea of having a race on the trail to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Alaska. The first race held on it's current route to Nome was run in 1973, and since then the Iditarod has become a world-famous event.

Things To See and Do in Seward Alaska

The Alaska Sealife Center is a renowned research center which houses both a public aquarium and research center in the same facility. Visitors can have close encounters with sea lions, octopus, puffins, and other sea-life while observing the work of conservation and research scientists.

Seward is home to the R/V Sikuliaq, pronounced [see-KOO-lee-auk], a 261-foot oceanographic research ship designed to smash through 2.5 feet of polar ice to reach needed destinations for research. It's one of the most advanced ships of it's kind, capable of, among other things, collecting sediment samples from the seafloor, hosting remotely operated sea-craft, using a flexible suite of winches to raise and lower scientific equipment, and conducting water surveys from the sea bottom. It can be seen at it's harbor home, the Dale R. Lindsey Alaska Railroad Intermodal Facility, otherwise known as "the cruise ship dock."

The Fourth of July is a major event in Seward Alaska where the population can balloon from it's normal 2500 to 30,000. The event is full of festivities, community gatherings, presentations, contests and specials events including the well-known Mount Marathon Race.

Seward hosts one of the largest and oldest fishing derbies in the State, The Seward Silver Salmon Derby. Contestants' catches are turned in daily, sold, and the monies used to fund conservation efforts and fisheries scholarships for high school students.

And of course, like all the scenic ports on the Alaskan coastline there are a multitude of thrilling outdoor activities available around Seward including mountain biking, hiking, mountain climbing, snow machining, cross country skiing, camping, fishing, sea kayaking, white water rafting, cold water scuba diving and dog mushing, not to mention excursions for viewing wildlife like brown bears and humpback whales.


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