Alaska--September The Jones's

by Raylene Rocque
(Edmonton Alberta)

White Pass Train Tour

White Pass Train Tour

White Pass Train Tour
White Pass Train Tour
Mendenhall Glacier

I had the great experience of traveling to Alaska with my parents Betty and Vern.

We arrived in Vancouver and boarded the Holland America, the "Noordam", and headed out on one of the best adventures I have ever experienced, and I have travelled a lot by the way.

We started out traveling through the inside passage which was breathtaking. I thought "Wow, what can beat the beauty and awe of this?" Little did I know that even more spectacular scenery was to come!

Our first stop was Juneau, a quaint little town with alot of personality. Here we hopped on a tour bus that took us to the rain forest.

Then we headed up the Tram to the base of Mt Roberts. This was glorious. We toured around and went to see a beautiful bald Eagle which was saved after being shot and left to die. She is doing magnifcent by the way. While my parents hung out I hiked up to the top where I was met with a view which I swore was heaven on earth.

After this we were supposed to head back for some fancy captain's dinner, but after we were told the base of Mt Roberts had the best fish and chip place in the world we quickly changed dinner plans. Great decision as the rumors were true. I'd go back just for that. LOL

Next stop was Skagway, another quaint town which my Mom described as being in a western movie with John Wayne. See picture attached.
Here we did the White Pass, a 3 hour train ride with so much history and beauty. This I highly recommend. I would suggest doing this in the fall to enjoy the beautiful fall colors!!

Last stop was Ketchikan, probably my favorite town we visited. Ketchikan creek flows through the town, and the famous Creek Street is stunning as the buildings are on stilts over the creek.

I experienced this trip at the end of September and we had great weather. Chilly but Alaska is never super warm anyway. The fall colors were stunning. I do want to go back because there is so much I did not see. In my opinion I would forego most meals on the ship and experience dining in the local towns.

Thanks for letting me share my experience.

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