Alaska Inside Passage with Royal Caribbean...

by Lisa Dattoli-Hill
(St. Albert, Canada)

We did the inside passage cruise with Royal Caribbean. We have been on 5 cruises now and Alaska still is top rated as one of our favorites.

One of our highlights was in Ketchikan where we went Halibut fishing. We got lucky and Brian and I had the boat to ourselves with Captain Bob, a crusty old sea mate who smoked like a chimney and played old country music on his satellite radio. He had a large thermos of coffee for us, homemade muffins his wife made and sandwiches for lunch. We caught 2 halibut and a Codfish.

His wife works at the fish processing plant so when we were done he dropped us off at the ship and brought our catch to the plant, had it filleted and flash frozen, then delivered to our home a day after we arrived back so I could make a feast for my family before they returned home. I will never forget that day, ever!

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