Alaska Inside Passage Cruise in 2005...

by Rita Hawtin
(Saint Albert, Canada)

I had the good fortune along with 5 friends to experience the Alaska Inside Passage on a Royal Caribbean Cruise in August 2005!

I enjoyed the entire week but the highlights for me were:

1) Standing on the balcony and taking in all the beautiful scenery as we approached the various coastal ports. Ketchikan was my favorite port with its boardwalk, unique shops and friendly merchants.

2) While in Juneau, our Humpback Whale watching excursion was spectacular and we actually saw 2 whales breaching fairly close to our boat.

This adventure was followed by a delicious Salmon Feast @ Orca Point Lodge.

3) Saving the best for last —THE HUBBARD GLACIER—This was definitely a wow moment and high on my list for one of the amazing wonders of nature I have seen!

The Captain and ships precision in turning 360 degrees in the Bay , and the glacial colors were truly amazing!!

I had a great time and would recommend this trip!

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